Sexual Predators & Body-Part Grabbers–How Fearful Art Thou?

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Living Display (Denise Nevins/USAF)

Sexual Predators & Body-Part Grabbers fear that the opposite gender – the female gender – is gaining too much power in society and wants to keep members of that gender in their “proper” place. This fear is so ingrained in them that they think that they can grab a woman without fear of repercussions and so they attempt to do so.

This detrimental attitude is furthered when men like the President make misogynistic remarks like, “I can grab them by the p#ssy.”

To the Sexual Predators and Body-Part Grabbers…

How fearful art thou of women having equality in our society? How fearful art thou of women refusing to continue to be objectified as sexual objects? How fearful art thou of looking foolish and being embarrassed when women fight back against this disgusting and abusive practice? How blatantly misogynistic art thou that you think you have an absolute right to grab any woman by her genitalia or any part of her person. Be clear – you do not and such behavior will not be tolerated.

Accidental Misogyny (Garry Knight)

Women, like all Americans, have an undeniable right to live in safety. They have an absolute right to the same rights as all American citizens, regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, and yes – gender. They have the right to protect their bodies. They have the right to do whatever it takes to ward off any threat and to fight off any attacker. Women are arming themselves and preparing themselves to stand up for their rights and for their bodies.

FearFighters is firmly committed to removing the threat of such action. The Body-Part Grabber is being placed on notice that women are being encouraged to take self-defense classes and to legally carry concealed weapons. They are being placed on notice that in spite of remarks like, “I can grab them by the…”, made by Donald Trump, this misogynistic commentary, and its accompanying abuse, will not be tolerated. Period.